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Ways in Which you can Avoid Account Takeover

The account takeover attacks have become the lucrative business for most of the cyber criminals thus the account owners suffering n return. The large-scale reuse of the password has enabled the attacks. You can be sure that they are there for the financial gains and they will exploit the compromised account. The cyber criminals can choose to sell access to underground markets thus leaving your organization at risk. The damages that are caused by the ATO can last for years; thus you need to look for a way to prevent them. It is through the company that you can gain the account takeover prevention measure for you to try yourself. This article explains ways in which you can avoid the account takeover.

It is through the API provided integrated to your application the that can help you in the identification when your user credentials have been exposed to the underground. They will check to see if any of your users’ email or password matches in their database and if any your system will reset the password thus averting the possible ATO attacks. When you choose the company solution, you can be sure that thy help to combat new account fraud, the brand damage and the loss of revenue.

They also have the automate employee ATO prevention. The company have the understanding that the employees are the most considerable liability and are the most valued assets. When the employee credentials have been compromised in an offense the security team will be alerted. The password is bound to change automatically and account be monitored for any suspicious behavior. You can get to educate the employees in the company to ensure that they have taken care of their credentials.

You can also download and install the active directory guardian form the company that will run continuously according to your schedule. You need the directory guardian that will analyze the newly stolen credentials to the employees that are active and force the password rest when it has been tampered with. With the exact technology that it uses you can be sure that it will eliminate the false positives and help the desk calls. You can be sure that the integration tools from the company will be simple and easy to use thus no hassle. Due to this fact, you can get started in the use of the tools as quickly as possible. You need the solution for the prevention of the account takeover to ensure that you are secure at all time. Due to the many cyber criminals, the ATO attacks are increasing thus the need to ensure that you have the above solution for the security of the organization.

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